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About MCFA

Manchester County FA is the guardian of our national game in Greater Manchester. 

Throughout its proud history, Manchester County FA has built a deep, lasting relationship with communities in Greater Manchester and further afield.

At Manchester County FA we are responsible for efficiently governing and developing the local game. In partnership with our national governing body, The FA, we provide opportunities for all players, coaches, volunteers and referees regardless of age, ability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic status.

With over 3,500 teams and 30,000+ participants, Manchester County FA is immensely proud of the support of our members and we remain committed to leading change and working closely with them in order to further their footballing ambitions, individually or as part of a team, club or league.

We are a progressive County FA that celebrates our history and traditions, but do not dwell on them. We are a dynamic, fast-moving and evolving organisation that is passionate and dedicated to building a successful and sustainable future for grassroots football in Greater Manchester.

Our Vision:
To lead change, developing an efficient environment with structures that will be relevant and flexible for current and future participants of the game in Manchester.

Our Aim:
To broaden football’s appeal, communicate directly with our members and keep more people of all ages & abilities involved for life. Be proud of the association with Manchester County FA.

Our Commitment:
To develop flexible and relevant formats of the game, invest in better playing and training facilities and to meet the needs of our customers through insight.
To work in collaboration with key stakeholders to consider shared services within a football trust.
To develop a fit for purpose governance structure with an empowered team committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

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